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Dior taps Rihanna for advertising campaign. A full-length campaign film released as the fourth chapter in the Secret Garden saga. Filmed by Steven Klein in the château and gardens of Versailles. ~Rihanna for Dior~

12 November 2011

Naomi Campbell for Dennis Basso

Naomi Campbell was chosen twice by American designer Dennis Basso for both the 2009/2010 and the 2010/2011 winter ad campaigns showcasing his fabulous line of fur coats. I thought that she particularly shined in the 2009/2010 campaign in which she was honored by Dennis Basso naming a gorgeous fur coat in this collection after her. Huge American love for this gorgeous British supermodel. Her Chinese-Jamaican ancestry shines so beautifully in her features and the ebony complexion of her skin just looks so alluring against Basso's beautiful fur creations. Great look for a fur ad campaign! Dennis Basso believed in her so much and the campaign was such a success that he hired her again for the next season.

Naomi Campbell ... hmmmm .... just so fierce in the industry and landing some lucrative deals after 40 and during a recession! Now that's making it happen! She is such an inspiration and her portfolio of modeling work is simply amazing and quite extensive.

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