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27 June 2013

Fendi FW 2012/2013: Joan Smalls (Goat Hair, Peekaboo Tote & Box Clutch)

Fendi FW 2012/2013: Joan Smalls

Goat Hair

Fendi is Italy's premier fur house. For the 2012 fall season, Fendi definitely stayed true to it's original love of fur by showcasing various animal skins in a wide arrange of colors, textures and designs. The fur piece that stood out to me from this collection is the yellow goat hair coat worn by Joan Smalls on the runway.

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Fendi since 1965, was quite smitten by the beauty and elegance of Joan Smalls wearing the fabulous yellow goat hair coat for the fashion show in Milan. He eagerly decided to use her for his 2012 fall advertising campaign as the sole model of focus. It is rare that you get to see a model wear a designer look on both that season's runway as well as for that season's advertising campaign.

And yes ... Karl also photographed her for the advertising campaign and the end result came out remarkably well. Karl is not only a brilliant fashion designer but he is quite remarkable as a fashion photographer as well.

Peekaboo Tote & Box Clutch

For the advertising campaign, Joan Smalls carries the Fendi peekaboo handbag with the yellow goat hair coat. However, for the runway show, a Fendi box clutch is paired with the coat. Both bags are darling. The peekaboo bag just appears more luxurious and more easily identifiable as a luxury Fendi piece and I clearly understand why this bag was chosen for the ad campaign. For marketing purposes, the peekaboo handbag is more of an interesting Fendi handbag and has been seen on the arms of Gossip Girls televison stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. The peekaboo handbag is definitely more suitable for Ready-to-Wear fashion. The box clutch would only be used for perhaps more formal occasions, galas and special events.